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Preregister for Side Events! 

2015-05-20 - As of today you can preregister for a selection of side events. Click here!  

MEGA Trial (swiss): MM2015 Sealed Deck - 12:30 PM - €45
MEGA Trial (swiss): MM2015 Sealed Deck - 10:00 PM - €50

MEGA Trial (swiss): MM2015 Sealed Deck - 08:30 AM - €45

Star Event: Modern - 11:30 AM - €30
Star Event: MM2015 Sealed Deck - 12:00 PM - €75

Super Sunday Series: MM2015 Sealed Deck - 09:00 AM - €75
Star Event: Modern Constructed - 09:30 AM - €25
Star Event: Standard Constructed - 10:30 AM - €25
Star Event: Legacy Constructed - 11:30 AM - €25

Get your exclusive limited edition GP Utrecht T-shirt now! 

2015-05-14 – Do you want an awesome souvenir of GP Utrecht? Then buy this exclusive limited edition GP Utrecht T-shirt! Featuring Karn on the front and the #MTGMM2015 and #GPUtrecht logos on the back, this shirt will let everyone around you know that you made Magic history! It's available in sizes S, M, L and XL (unisex). Get yours now! Order your T-shirt online for only €14,99 here

Discover the new Modern Masters 2015 Preview Card! 

2015-04-29 – Marijn Lybaert, for, organizer of Grand Prix Utrecht 2015I am here to present to you  the sweet Modern Masters 2015 Preview card  received … Splinter Twin.

Sunday, September 04, 2011: The Pro Tour debut of the Modern format. Samuele Estratti and his good friend Alessandro Portaro make it into the Top 8 of Pro Tour Philadelphia. They are piloting an almost identical build of Splinter Twin. Alessandro loses to Josh Utter-Leyton in the quarterfinals. But Samuele Estratti avenges his good friend and beats Josh in the finals of the Pro Tour.  Since then Splinter Twin has been a force to reckon in the Modern Format. 

Flash forward two years. Two years in which Splinter Twin was everywhere. Even the banning of Ponder and Preordain couldn’t stop the Infinity Faeries madness. At Grand Prix Antwerp, it’s Patrick Dickmann that shows everyone that Splinter Twin Combo is still a force to be feared. His build was certainly more controlish than Estratti’s, with 4 Lightning Bolt and 4 Snapcaster Mage amongst others. You could say Patrick ‘reinvented’ Splinter Twin, something he would do many more times in the upcoming 2 years. Ow! And if that all wasn’t enough. Guess what deck won the last Modern Grand Prix? Splinter Twin! You guessed it. Take a look at Dan Lanthier’s winning deck from Grand Prix Vancouver two months ago.

While a lot of things have changed in 3.5 years, one thing has been true ever since: Deceiver Exarch + Splinter Twin kills opponents. Want to stop it from killing you? I have only one advice:


See what I did there? Oops. I guess I had 2 preview cards for you! Modern Masters 2015 is going to be great, I tell you! 


Let’s talk about GP Utrecht now. In less than five weeks it is time for Modern Masters weekend. Over 2500 players have registered so far for GP Utrecht. Haven’t registered yet? Make sure to make your way over to the registration page and maybe you are still in time to win one of the Registration Rewards like a Modern Masters 2015 Booster Box in the Registration Reward Contest. Apart from the main event, there will also be a lot of cool workshops happening, all of them brought to you by Team, including myself! 


Of course there is also a wide range of side-events in which you can participate. Want to be among the first to play in a Modern Masters 2015 sealed deck? The first MEGA Trial already starts at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday. If you go 5-0, you get 2 byes for the Grand Prix. If you don’t, you can join one of the many other Trials happening on Thursday and Friday. Check out the full schedule of trials and side-events on and pick the time and format that suits you the most! 


I do have one more thing I would like to share. If you’ve been following, you might have already noticed the GP Utrecht exclusive playmat designed by Rob Alexander. It was released a couple of days ago and will be avalaible for all VIPs and on our prizewall. Take a look at it below! I hope to see you at Grand Prix Utrecht! #MakeMagicHistory #GPUtrecht 


GP Utrecht Playmat by Rob Alexander revealed!

2015-04-26 - This is it, the GP Utrecht playmat by Rob Alexander. It is part of our VIP package and will also be available on our prize wall. Do you like it? Share your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter. 

Preregister now and win one of the many MTG prizes! 

More than €20.000 worth of prizes can be won, just by preregistering for Grand Prix Utrecht. The sooner you preregister, the more prizes you can win. 

Side Events Schedule announced

2015-03-10 - Discover the side events schedule here

Check out the VIP Package... 

2015-01-25 - This VIP Package is brought to you by Face to Face Games

  • Sleep-in package + these extras:
  • VIP badge & lanyard
  • tournamentcenter water bag
  • Exclusive Grand Prix Utrecht playmat by Rob Alexander 
  • Exclusive goodiebag
  • Acces to the Face to Face Games Lounge, including:
    • private Live stream 
    • private Pairing boards
    • phone & electronic devices charging station 
    • free internet access + printing service
    • water station
    • coffee station
    • cloakroom service 
  • 1 cocktail drink in the VIP Lounge on Thursday evening
  • Breakfast with the VIPs (1 croissant - 1 pain au chocolat - 1 fruit - coffee/tea) in the VIP Lounge on Friday morning
  • Breakfast with the artists (1 croissant - 1 pain au chocolat - 1 fruit - coffee/tea) in the VIP lounge on Sunday morning (08h00-10h00)
  • Free Red Bull (while supplies last)
€130 online (from 01.03)
€135 offline (on Thursday 28.05 and Friday 29.05 from 14h00-20h00)

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