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Want to promote your tournaments? Want to reach out to a larger group of players? Need some support on the logistics or schedule of your tournament? Let’s see how we can support each other!

Online services attracts huge amounts of players from different communities, looking for an opportunity to play their favorite games. Make sure your tournament can be found by these players by creating your event page on this website. While doing so, why not make use of the pre-registration system, event app, online pairing tools or any of the many new tools coming up to manage your events, and to increase the experience from your participants.
By adding advertisements, advertorials in our newsletters and on our social media platforms, you can increase your visibility to these communities.

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Offline services

For the logistics of your event, you can benefit from our wide range of tailor-made tournament materials like tables & chairs, audio systems, time clocks, screens, event management toolboxes, side event pagers, prize wall systems, pairing boards, etc.

You can also make use of our international expertise in trading card game tournaments to help you run your tournaments. We’re up to date on local legislations, VAT duties, have hotel and venue partners in many regions, have local partnerships with shops, restaurants, leisure activities, etc.

Want to focus on your tournament? Let us take care of the logistics! We can even store your event materials in our warehouse and ship them to your events, to make things easier for you.

Looking for appropriate staff? Let us help you to find them, and maybe even more important, to contract them! We have our own staff contracting tool, that allows you to contract any European judge for any of your events, with your preferred compensation.

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