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GP Prague expands capacity to 2000 players

We are excited to announce a capacity increase for GP Prague! Your enthusiasm for Aether Revolt has been so overwhelming that the Grand Prix sold out with several weeks to go. This brought up an interesting challenge: can we somehow accommodate more people without sacrificing event quality?

This wasn’t easy, as the original cap was based on the available space – which was already at the maximum that the venue could offer us. However, an adjacent hall at the venue became available due to a cancellation. Next: Finding additional judge staff, because we won’t compromise on event quality. That was possible, thanks to the judge community who stepped up here; a big thumbs up for you all!! Finally, making sure we had enough extra materials to run the event (playmats, goodie boxes , tables, chairs …) – and all our suppliers were able to meet our higher demand. 

As such we are upgrading the Main Event capacity to 2000 players, making this by far the largest event ever organized in Prague. The additional 300 tickets will be put on sale this Wednesday at 12:00 (CET) on our website.

We hope you’ll all enjoy this Grand Prix as much as we’ve enjoyed your collective enthusiasm for playing Aether Revolt with us in Prague :-)


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