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Play-the-Championships is expanding its store program!

The Play-the-Championship store program was introduced a few months ago, before the Birmingham Regional Championships, and after a careful evaluation we have decided to expand it so we can sponsor at least 20 Invitational events. This means you will have up to 20 chances to win your free entry to the next Regional or Special Event Play-the-Championships is organizing. Here is more information:
  • What?

    • Win your free entry to the next Regional or Special Event organized by Play-the-Championships by participating (and winning) a Regional Invitational or Special Event Invitational 
  • How?
    • Shop owners or league organizers should contact us on how to enroll in the shop program (it’s free of charge!).
    • mail to with the following header "Play-the-Championship store program information request".
    • we will answer you with the procedure on how to participate.
  • When?
    • Invitationals can take place up to 1 week before the tournament they give an invitation for.
  • Where to find the invitationals?
  • What if I already bought my entry ticket and I win a free entry at an invitational?
    • We will refund the ticket you bought :-)
  • Is this for TCG of VG?
    • We support both games, so both will have free entries available.

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