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Updated FAQ: Liverpool Regional Championships Sold Out

We have an updated FAQ for the Liverpool Regional Championships
  • Help! I just read the event is sold out, but i don’t have a ticket and still want to participate to the Regional Championship, what can I do?

    • At this point we are not selling any additional tickets, so contacting us will not help you get a ticket.
    • In case a friend, that has a ticket, cannot participate, we will allow the transfer of its ownership.
      • If this is the case the owner of the ticket has to mail us ( with his name and Pokémon ID and the name, Pokémon ID, age and game of the player replacing him. We will then manually change the ownership of the ticket (this will be done directly in tournament software)
      • Be aware that you are not allowed to “sell" your ticket to another person (see the terms and conditions). We will not interfere if the ticket is transferred for the same value as it was purchased. Tickets “bought” from a third party at a higher price than the initial price will be cancelled without refund. We urge you not to buy tickets form third parties at higher prices than the original value as you might end up losing your ticket and your money.
  • But how can it be an event is sold out? This should not able to happen!
    • We understand your question and possibly your disappointment. All events have maximum capacity (think about concerts, festivals …), this is necessary to guarantee the safety and a minimum standard of service to all participants. As such we can accommodate up to 700 players in the Liverpool Regional Championships.
  • I understand but why can’t you upgrade the capacity?
    • That is unfortunately not possible for this event. As mentioned before, safety and event quality are very important to us, additionally space to add players might not be available. Upgrading the capacity just a few days before the start of the event would have highly compromised these standards.
  • What will you do if a player doesn’t turn up for his first round?
    • Since a player has the right to arrive late and reclaim his place in the event (after having received the appropriate penalty) we cannot give his spot to another player.
  • All right, i will not be able to play in Regional Championships, does this mean i will not be able to play my game this weekend?

    • No, not at all, we are still organizing side events during the weekend (see the schedule on our event website). Registration for these events will be available in the event hall, not online.

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