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Tournamentcenter at MCM Comic Con Hannover

It’s with pride and pleasure we are announcing is partnering up with MCM Comic Con Hannover. Our goal is to provide great tournament experiences and that is exactly what we will deliver at MCM Comic Con Hannover.  You will be able to play some of your favorite games during this great pop culture show. Are you ready to join us?

We have the following games lined up for you: Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon (TCG and VG), Cardfight!! Vanguard, Future Card Buddyfight and Force of Will. You will soon find a full schedule of available tournaments on our website ( We prepared tournaments for everyone, whether you recently discovered the game or are an adept player. In most cases you won’t even have to prepare anything, as we will have all necessary cards and product ready for you.

We would like to highlight some events we will host at MCM Comic Con Hannover. First of all we will organize Invitational tournaments. These tournaments grant a free main event ticket for a future event to the winner. You will be able to win a free ticket for Grand Prix Warsaw (MTG) and Regional Championship Birmingham (Pokémon).  Additionally you will be able to win Pokémon Championship Points in a League and Premier Challenge. You can find more information about these events on our website and social media in the coming days.

See you soon at MCM Comic Con in Hannover :-)

Michaël Milis

Community Manager

+32 53 59 01 02


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