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Over the last years, has grown rapidly from a Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix  organizer into an all-round service provider for tournaments in the trading card game industry. Besides the tournament organization for the Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix, we've also organized tournaments for Yu-Gi-Oh, Force of Will (under the brand name and Pokémon (under the brandname 

As as a company is - besides tournament organizer for Grand Prix - also known for it's business-to-business services and solutions to other companies in this industry, it is time to introduce the brand "" for our Magic: The Gathering activities! 

We highly value the player experience at our events, and encourage joy , fun and inclusivity in all of our Magic tournaments. With we focus even more on the players as we did so far, and want to invite all of you to come and play at our events.

" introduces 'ambassadors team'"
We don't want this promise for a great player experience to stay in words. Therefore we introduce the ambassadors team! We kindly invite people from all over Europe, from each region, from each playing level of Magic, to participate in our ambassadors program. We will select a beta group of players that will be able to share  ideas and feedback about our events to us in a more direct way, in order to increase the quality of our events. Not only their experiences, but also those from the communities they represent. This group will also be closely involved in new ideas and innovations, like the expansion of the available tournament tools in our web app, the VIP experience, the side event schedule, etc. 

To apply for this ambassadors team, please feel in this form, and you might be selected to participate as a VIP at all our Grand Prix in 2017!

We wish you a great end of year and an amazing start of 2017!

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