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0. Disclaimer

All information provided on this website is subject to change without notice.


1. General provisions

  1. Scope

The website (hereinafter ‘the Website’) serves as ordering website for tickets to participate in events and is in principle accessible to any Internet user (hereinafter ‘visitor’ or ‘customer’).

The Website is operated by B.V.B.A. Tournamentcenter, with registered office at Sluis 2, E1 Box 1, 9810 Eke and registered in the CBE under the number 0550.767.384 (hereinafter ‘the Service Provider’). The Service Provider can be contacted by email at, by phone on +32(0)

Present terms and conditions apply to visitors to the Website and to online registration for events organized by the Service Provider or a third party. The Website offers the possibility to register online for an event or tournament. The Service Provider works on behalf and for the account of the organizer of the respective event.

  1. Applicability of the terms and conditions

By visiting the website and placing an order to participate in an event, the customer explicitly acknowledges the applicability of present terms and conditions. The prior and irrevocable acceptance of present terms and conditions is a condition for placing an order through the website.

  1. Modification authority

The Service Provider is authorized to unilaterally modify present terms and conditions. Modifications to articles 1.3, 3 and 7 can only be made by the Service Provider after they have been published on the website for information, one month before the modifications take effect. Modifications to the other articles, or modifications as a direct result of the modified terms and conditions imposed on the Service Provider by the organizer of an event take effect from the moment of publication on the website.

2. Placing an order

2.1. Order procedure

Placing an order is only possible through online registration on the secure section of the website. Access to the secure website is granted after the creation of an account, during which the customer enters a user name, an email address, first and last name and address. After transmitting a request for creating a new account, the visitor receives an email with further details and a password which provide access to the secure section of the website.

On the secure website, the visitor can by means of their account confirm their participation in an event by submitting an online registration form.

By creating an account, the customer takes note of present terms and conditions.

Sending the online registration form implies acceptance of the offer and leads to confirmation of the order, so at that moment an agreement is concluded between the parties and the customer is irrevocably bound to pay the price. Not participating in the event after confirmation of the order does not release the customer from their obligation to pay. The price for the event for which the customer registers is clearly and prior to confirmation of the order communicated through the online registration form and is inclusive of VAT.

After the online registration for an event was followed by payment, the visitor receives an email with an e-ticket for the event in question. In that email, the already accepted terms and conditions are set out again.

2.2. Subject of the order

The online registration only includes the reservation of an entrance ticket for the event. The access right to the event to be granted by the Service Provider is equivalent to an effective registration for the mentioned tournament, but it confers no right to participate in additional tournaments that are organized at the event.

The order always only concerns the event for which the online registration form was completed. The agreement that is established between the parties as a result of the order therefore comes to an end when the relevant event ends.

2.3. Personal nature of the order

The person who purchases a ticket is regarded as the sole customer and is obliged to pay. Tickets may in no case be resold to third parties nor may they be passed on to third parties in the context of a commercial relationship. Counterfeiting tickets in any form is prohibited and will be prosecuted.

The customer explicitly agrees to provide correct, accurate, current and complete information about himself as is asked on the registration form. The Service Provider reserves the right to suspend or refuse the requested transaction, when they have reasonable grounds to suspect that the provided information is incorrect, incomplete or outdated. For information about an order, the customer can contact the Service Provider or the organizer of the event. The contact details of the Service Provider can be found at the top of present terms and conditions.

Minors are allowed at the event. The minor may register for an event. A minor of over 12 years old is considered to have sufficient discernment to take the necessary action. Since this is an everyday action, the nullity of the action cannot be invoked. Conversely, the Service Provider may demand that the parents give a confirmation for their children’s order. This provision shall apply without prejudice to more stringent rules imposed by the Organizer or the Client.

2.4. Confirmation of the order

For each order, the customer receives a confirmation of their online registration by email, containing the information provided by the customer and the basic information about the event. That email is sent to the customer by the Service Provider on behalf of the organizer of the event. The customer also receives a confirmation of payment by email. That email is sent by the company that processes the payment and must be printed by the customer and presented at the event. Should the customer not receive this email, then the Service Provider must be contacted in time.

The online registration is closed before the start of the respective event. The date of the closing is announced in advance. However, the Service Provider can decide at any time to stop the registration for an event early, without prior notice.

3. Payment

3.1. Payment methods

Orders can be paid online by the customer through a payment option provided by the company that processes the payment. If this is made possible by the Service Provider, the customer can also pay by bank transfer into the account of the Service Provider.

3.2. Payment period

Payments through an electronic payment module are immediate payments.

Payments by bank transfer are payments made at the time of actual receipt of the funds into the account of the Service Provider.

In case of late payment of the price, the Service Provider is entitled to a delay interest at a rate of 10% on the arrears, and there is a penalty clause of also 10%, but with a minimum of 15.00 EUR. The agreement is concluded and the price is therefore payable from the day on which the online registration form is sent. Delay interests are therefore attributable from the day on which the online registration form is sent.

3.3. Discounts and other conditions

The payment periods and conditions for payment through an electronic payment module are subject to the terms and conditions determined by the provider of the electronic payment module. The Service Provider cannot be held liable for any defects in the payment service offered by the provider of the electronic payment module.

Any discounts are valid on the ticket price (exclusive of shipment and administration costs) for the stated period or subject to availability and cannot be combined with other promotions. Discounts are only valid if obtained in accordance with the applicable requirements, e.g. participation in a certain promotion, quantum purchase tickets, etc.

4. Delivery

4.1. Delivery method

After their payment has been received, the customer receives an e-ticket, sent by email, which serves as proof of admission to the event. The customer is requested to properly check their email, including their spam folder.

4.2. Time of delivery

In case of payment through an electronic payment module, the ticket is immediately sent as an e-ticket by email to the email address that was provided in the booking procedure.

In other cases, and if the customer opted for an e-ticket, the ticket is sent by email to the email address that was provided in the booking procedure, after the money has been received in the account of the Service Provider. In case of payment by bank transfer, tickets are sent within a reasonable time after receipt of the money and in any case prior to the start of the event. Should the customer not receive this email, they must contact the Service Provider as soon as possible. If such notification is not made within 8 days and at least 1 day before the event takes place, the customer can no longer claim an e-ticket nor a refund of their ticket. The customer must therefore periodically check their email and respond promptly.

4.3. Abuse

All abuse, counterfeiting or fraud can be prosecuted. If the date and/or title of the game event does not correspond with the relevant date or event, then you will be denied access.

An e-ticket that was issued by the software system without having received payment for it can always be cancelled by the Service Provider. This cancellation will be notified at least one day prior to the start of the event.

5. Refund, exchange options, cancellation

5.1. Refund

Refund because of uncollected tickets or tickets sent by mail that have not been received is not possible, unless it can be clearly proven that the Service Provider has made a mistake. Administrative costs, bank charges or fees imposed by the operator of the electronic payment module are never refunded.

5.2. Cancellation of the event

If the organizer changes the content or the date of the event or cancels the event, then it is the organizer who decides whether and under what conditions tickets can be refunded or exchanged.

Depending on the agreement between the Service Provider and the organizer, the refund or exchange will be made or not made through the Service Provider. If the event cannot take place due to force majeure, the organizer of the event will decide at their discretion if a refund will be granted or not.

The Service Provider can in no way be held liable for the decision of the organizer.

5.3. Exchange of the ticket and revocation of the order

It is the organizer who decides whether the ticket can be exchanged. For information regarding the possibility to exchange tickets, the customer must approach the organizer.

The provided services are services related to leisure activities, which excludes the revocation of the order by the customer pursuant to article VI.53, 12° of the Code of Economic Law of 28 February 2013.

6. Intellectual property

All content and parts of the Website, whether visual elements or sound elements including the associated technology used are protected by intellectual rights and belong to the Service Provider or rightful third parties. Distribution, reproduction, sale, etc. of this material, in any form whatsoever, is strictly prohibited without the express, prior and written consent of the Service Provider. Any infringement of this prohibition may result in legal proceedings through the civil or criminal court.

7. Protection of privacy

7.1. Collection of personal data

During the registration and booking process, the Service Provider will collect personal data of the customer.

The personal data of the customer that are collected during the registration of an account are: email address, name, address and player ID. The customer hereby gives their unambiguous consent to process their personal data in accordance with the conditions set out in this provision.

The Service Provider may collect anonymous or aggregated information of non-personal nature, such as browser type or IP address, the operating system used by the customer or the domain name of the website through which the customer came to the Website, or through which the customer leaves. This makes it possible to continuously optimize the website for visitors and/or customers.

The Website uses cookies. This is a computer file that is stored on the hard drive of a computer and provides information about previous visits to the website. The Service Provider uses cookies only to personalize the service offered to the user. These cookies can be disabled by the visitor.

7.2. Processing the personal data

The personal data provided by the customer will be processed in accordance with the provision of the Act of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data, and considering the amendments that have been made to this act in the meantime.

The Service Provider acts as the controller and will process the data for the following purposes: participant administration and direct marketing (including sending a newsletter) of the Service Provider or the third parties as defined in the fourth paragraph of this article.

The Service Provider undertakes to use the customer’s personal data exclusively for the implementation of the agreement closed by the customer by placing an order and to send free information on the Service Provider of the event or similar events to the customer.

The Service Provider may disclose the personal data to the following third parties: event organizers, associated partners, companies or contractual parties in order to allow them to direct product or service offers to the Participants and/or visitor.

Since the customers take note of these conditions before the personal data are provided to the third party, the provisions set out in article 9 § 2, c) are met.

The customer may oppose free of charge, on request and without any justification, to the use of their data for direct marketing by the Service Provider and/or to the transmission of their data to third parties. In order to oppose to this, a dated and signed request must be sent by mail to the registered office of the Service Provider or by email to The controller of the data processing will take the necessary actions.

The customer of the tournament is aware that data may be passed on to other countries outside the European Union, for the customer gives its unambiguous consent.

7.3. Right of access

Every customer has a right of access and correction with respect to the data relating to him or her that are processed in the files of the Service Provider. This right of access can be requested free of charge by mail or by sending an email to The customer also has the right to consult the registration of the Service Provider in the register of the Commission for the Protection of Privacy.

7.4. Personal data protection

The Service Provider shall take all necessary measures to ensure the confidentiality of the data communicated by the customer. However, the customer recognizes that the transmission of personal data via the Internet is never without risk. The customer acknowledges and therefore accepts that the damage suffered by the customer as a result of unlawful use of personal data by third parties who had not obtained consent can never be recovered from the Service Provider.

8. Limitation of liability

8.1. Limitation of liability

The Service Provider provides support services at the request of the organizers of an event. The Service Provider is therefore not responsible for the content, lay-out, development, quality, changes of location, date or price, availability nor for any cancellation of an event. The potential liability of the Service Provider is limited to the process of registration and distribution of the associated supporting documents.

The information on the Website is of a general nature and is not adapted to personal or specific circumstances. The information can therefore not be regarded as a personal, professional or legal advice to the user. The Service Provider makes the greatest efforts to keep the provided information complete, correct, accurate and up-to-date.

If the provided information would still contain inaccuracies or if certain information would be unavailable on or through the Website, then the Service Provider will solve this as soon as possible. If the customer finds inaccuracies in the information made available through the website, he can contact the Service Provider.

The Service Provider may, however, only be held liable for damages resulting from the use of the Website or the information on the Website if the harmful act within the context of this section can be considered a serious error on the part of the Service Provider. Are in no case considered as serious error on the part of the Service Provider: all work interruptions, damage to programs or other data on the computer system, to hardware, software or others of the user. This list is by no means exhaustive.

8.2. Exclusions

The website may contain links from or to websites or pages of third parties, or refer to them indirectly. Placing links to these websites or pages does not imply any agreement with its content. The Service Provider expressly declares that he has no control over the content or other characteristics of these websites and that he cannot be held liable in any way for their content or characteristics or for any other form of damage arising from its use.

9. Miscellaneous provisions

9.1. Complaints

All complaints must be sent within 8 days by registered letter to the Service Provider with a clear description of the subject of the complaint and mention of the order number as provided in the confirmation email.

Both parties explicitly accept that within their mutual relationship email is the only means of communication that may serve as evidence.

9.2. Invalidity

The invalidity of a provision or a part of a provision in these terms and conditions shall not affect the validity of the remainder of the provision or the remaining provisions. The Service Provider and the customer agree that the relevant provision, where appropriate, will be adjusted in a legally correct manner that reflects the original intent as much as possible. Neither may the non-exercise of rights by the Service Provider be considered as a waiver of that right.

9.3. Titles

The titles used in present agreement are to be regarded as guidelines and cannot affect the interpretation of these terms and conditions.

10. Applicable law and court with jurisdiction

10.1. The Belgian law is exclusively applicable to present agreement. The application of the UN Vienna Convention of 11 April 1980 on the International Sale of Goods is explicitly excluded.

10.2. In the case of application for the granting of a provisional or protective measure, whether or not in interlocutory proceedings, art. 18.1 applies, even if under the statutory provision on internal jurisdiction deviation from art. 18.3 is possible.

10.3. The courts of the judicial district of Ghent shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute between the parties with regard to the existence, interpretation, execution and termination of the contract between the parties, irrespective of the payment or delivery method. This jurisdiction regulation also applies in the case of an application for granting of a provisional or protective measure, whether or not in interlocutory proceedings.