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RC Dortmund 2016 - Final

It's time for the final match of the day and it's an all German afair. the two TCG Master players who made it this far are Finn Looft and Philip Schulz.

Game 1

Finn strts.

Finn brings a Shaymin-EX to the Bench and plays Switch. Now Shaymin is the active Pokemon and HoopaEX is on the Bench, Professor Sycamore is played. Xerneas goes to the Bench with a Fighting Fury Belt and a Fairy Energy.

Philip plays Yveltal with a Fighting Fury Belt, then Professor Sycamore and Town Map. Max Elixir gives no Energy Card to any Pokemon. Yveltal-EX is played, another Trubbish and Mewtwo. Float Stone for Trubbish.

Shaymin-EX does get a Energy Card, Lysandre forces Mewtwo into play and is attacked by Shaymin. Xerneas is now active.

Ultra Ball catches a Shaymin-EX for Philip. Yveltal-EX is benched and so is Shaymin-EX. New cards for Philip. He now has a Garbodor and a Double Colorless Energy for Mewtwo. That Mewtwo attacks.

It's a new Xerneas for Finn's Bench and a Double Colorless Energy for the active Xerneas. That Xerneas attacks. Mewtwo has 110 damage now.

Another Energy Card for Yveltal-EX and Mewtwo attacks again.

Finn has another Double Colorless Energy, so his 2nd Xerneas is ready for battle, too. He play Umbreon-EX and Shaymin-EX to his Bench. Xerneas attacks and Mewtwo is knocked out.

Philip tries for Max Elixir again, but misses. His 2nd Yveltal-EX gets a Energy Card and the 1st one attacks to knockout Xerneas.

The other Xerneas is now in play for Finn. Trainers Mail gives him Junior & Senior. He plays that card. There is another Xerneas for the Bench and a Volcanion-EX. The new Xerneas is provided with a Fairy Energy. The active Xerneas attacks.

Yveltal gets a Double Colorless Energy. VS Seeker for Professor Sycamore is played and Philip gets new cards. He has another Garbodor and another Float Stone. He attacks with Yveltal and draws his 4th Price Card.

Umbrea is now active. Finn tries to give an Energy Card with Max Elixir but fails. He then plays N. He then benches a Joltik and has another Max Elixir. This time he hits, eqquipping an Energy Card to his Xerneas. He attacks with Umbrea.

Philip has VS Seeker thanks Trainers Mail. He plays Max Elixir but fail. Then he uses his VS Seeker for Ace Trainer. He uses that card. He retrets Garbodor.

Finn plays N. He then evolves his Joltik to Galvantula. Trainers Mail doesn't find a target.

Philip has a Double Colorless Energy for his Yveltal and retreats the one with the Float Stone to bring the charged one into play. It attacks Umbrea.

Finn gives a Double Colorless Energy to his Xerneas and retreats Umbrea. Rainbow Force knockouts Yveltal. One last Price Card to draw!

Garbodor is now the active Pokemon but has a Float Stone. He plays Professor Sycamore. Ultra Ball finds no target. Parallel City is played. Garbodor is retreated and Yveltal knockouts Xerneas.

VS Seeker is played by Finn. He searches for Professor Sycamore and plays that card. The now active Hoopa does get a Float Stone. Ultra Ball is thrown and it catches a Shaymin-EX. Sky Field is played next. Fin ends his turn.

Philip has VS Seeker for Delinquent. He attaches a Double Colorless Energy to his Yveltal-EX and attacks with Evil Ball. 100 damage to Hoopa.

Finn draws and passes his turn.

Philip attacks and Hoopa is not able to fight any longer.

Finn drws VS Seeker for an N. He draws a Super Rod with it and shuffles back 2 Xerneas and 1 Fairy Energy. He ends.

Philip has Trainers Mail for Lysandre, forces Galvantula inot play and beats it to draw his final Price Card.

Game 2

Finn will start again.

He gives a Fairy Energy to his Xerneas and benches another one. Then he plays Hoopa-EX and takes a Volcanion-EX out of his deck. Ultra Ball then gives him a Joltik. He benches that and plays Shaymin-EX for new cards. His benched Xerneas gets a Fighting Fury Belt, so des the active one. He then plays N and both players get a fresh pile of cards to their hands. Finn then shows a Max Elixir but doesn't find an Energy Card. He ends.

Lysandre forces Hoopa into play. Trubbish is retreated thanks to a Float Stone and the Yveltal-EX on the Bench gets a Darkness Energy.

Trainers Mail gives Finn a Professor Sycamore. He plays it. Then he has a Max Elixir and this time he finds an Energy Card. He gives another to his Xerneas from his hand.

Philip also tries to play a Max Elixir, but he isn't successfull. He ends without further action.

Finn attaches a Double Colorless Energy to Hoopa and retreats it. Rainbow Force knocksout Mewtwo.

Lysandre forces Volcanion into play, Yveltal is active Pokemon and Philip ends.

Finn has no action.

Philip gives an Energy Card to his benched Yveltal-EX and ends.

Finn passes.

Philip passes.

Finn now has Switch. He brings Xerneas into a more active role and attacks with Rainbow Force for two more Price Cards.

After Philip sees his next card he gives the game to Finn.

Game 3

Truly worthy of a final we will see a 3rd and final game to determine who will win 5000$! This time Philip will start.

Float Stone for a benched Trubbish, an Energy Card to Yveltal-EX and then N is played. Fighting Fury Belt for Yveltal.

Finn brings a Xerneas to his Bench and equips a Double Colorless Energy to his Umbreon-EX. He attacks for new cards.

Philip throws a Ultra Ball and catches a Shaymin-EX. He plays it and draws. Garbodor is evolved!

A Double Colorless Energy for Finn's Xerneas is added by a Fairy Energy thanks to Max Elixir. Then Finn uses Professor Sycamore. He equips a Fighting Fury Belt to his Xerneas and then plays Trainers Mail. He fiends a Sky Field. He plays that Stadium. He then brings another Xerneas to his Bench. He shuffles his deck, then plays Ultra Ball for Galvantula. He evolves his Joltik. Thanks to Float Stone the charged Xerneas is now active and attacks Philip's Yveltal. Finn ends with no card in hand.

But he gets new ones, because Philip has to play VS Seeker into N.Trainers Mail then delivers a Town Map.

Finn has another Fairy Energy for his 2nd Xerneas and gives a 2nd Energy Card to it with Max Elixir. Rainbow Force knocks out Yveltal-EX.

Philip has Ultra Ball for Mewtwo. Then he plays N. Another Ultra Ball is played, this time for Yveltal-EX. Max Elixir gives a Darkness Energy to Yveltal. A Fighting Fury Belt is equipped and Garbodor is retreated for Mewtwo. Finn also plays a Ultra Ball. He searches for Joltik. That Joltik is played to the Bench. Finn makes Galvantula his active Pokemon and attacks to give damage Yveltal and Shaymin.

Finn also plays a Ultra Ball. He searches for Joltik. That Joltik is played to the Bench. Finn makes Galvantula his active Pokemon and attacks to give damage Yveltal and Shaymin.

Philip sends a Yveltal to his Bench and plays VS Seeker for Ace Trainer. He plays Parallel City. He attaches an Energy Card to his Mewtwo and passes.

Finn has a 3rd Fairy Energy for his Xerneas on the Bench. He asks for Philips cards in hand (4) and plays a Shayin to his Bench. He attacks with Galvantula to damage both of Philip's Yveltal.

Super Rod is now played by Phlip. Then he plays Professor Sycamore. Trainers Mail finds Float Stone. Then Time is called. Philip sees no way to win in the next turns and gives up.

Finn Looft is your Pokemon Regional Championship Dortmund champion!ac

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