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Pokémon TCG Bilbao Invitational @Modena Nerd

Grand Prix Prague

10/06/16 to 12/06/16
past tournament

This event has passed.Check out our active events

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Event info
PVA Expo Praha
Beranových 667
17000 Prague
Czech Republic

PVA Expo Praha

Venue website: 
Venue Map: 
General Information: 

The event hall is open:

Friday: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm
Saturday: 8:30 am - 11:00 pm
Sunday: 8:30 am - 8:00 pm

Travel info: 

Hotel Deals

Hotel Duo

  • Teplicka 492/19, 190 00 Praha
  • Single room: 66€/night (breakfast, wifi, swimming pool, VAT and city tax incl.)
  • Double/twin room: 70€/night (breakfast, wifi, swimming pool, VAT and city tax incl.)
  • Suite: 92€/night (breakfast, wifi, swimming pool, VAT and city tax incl.)
  • This deal is sold out!

Sir Toby's

  • Sir Toby’s Hostel
  • Delnicka 24, Prague
  • +420 246 032 610
  • 5% reduction when using code "GRANDPRIXPRAGUE"

Hotel Adeba

  • Pernerova 16, 186 00 Prague
  • +420 222 311 829
  • single room: 40,95€/night (breakfast included)
  • double room: 51,45€/night (breakfast included)
  • Booking code: Grand Prix Prague

By car (Parking Info)

Parking spaces feature a capacity of up to 700 sites inside the facility, for up to 2,500 visitors in the immediate vicinity of the area.
Allday parking: 150 CZK.
It is possible to use the car parks P + R in connection with the Prague Integrated Transport.


General info:

The maximum prices for taxi services in the district of the capital city of Prague:

  • ride in the district of the capital city of Prague 28 CZK/1 km
  • boarding fee 40 CZK
  • waiting 6 CZK/1 minute

These prices are subject to change.

The maximum prices are valid for all the vehicles offering the taxi services in the district of Prague. The price for waiting includes waiting in a trafic jam (slow trafic) as well as waiting on customer's request. Fare outside the district of Prague is not limited.

Warning for Customers

  • Each taxi has to be equipped with a permanetly installed roof lamp with the TAXI sign.
  • The registration number, company name and the price list including the basic rate, kilometer rate and one-minute-waiting rate must be displayed on both front doors of the taxi. These prices must correspond with the prices set on the taximeters in the taxi.
  • Customers are recommended to order a taxi by means of nonstop dispatching offices, where the information on fares is available in advance.
  • When the journey is completed, the driver is obliged to issue an orderly and fully filled receipt for the payment. The receipt has to be issued by the taxameter printer.

Taxi nonstop:

Public Transportation


The most convenient transportation into the PVA is metro line C station Letňany (-30min from the city center).

The last metro from the venue to the city center departs at 23h54. After midnight you can take the night bus 511. 


For transportation to the PVA serves as the regular bus lines to the bus station:

Night buses:

  •   Bus 511 - Čakovice - Nádraží Hostivař
  •   Bus 513 - Palmovka - Vinoř
  •   Bus 603 - Palmovka - Brandys nL-Wed Bolestav, aut. st.


Prague's major airport is VACLAV HAVEL AIRPORT PRAGUE, located 20km northwest of the city center.

The airport hosts Czech Airlines, Easy Jet, Air Lingus, Delta Airlines, KLM, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, TAP, Iberia, Germanwings and many more...
So easy to reach from all over Europe (and the rest of the world).

It takes 30min by car from the airport to the city center (400-800CZK) , and 37min to the venue.

There are public busses to the city center, as well as the Airport Express Bus (42 CZK).

Extra information
Extra information: 

FAQ - Registration

I don’t want to participate in the Main Event, can I enter the venue?

Entrance to the venue is free. You only pay a fee for the events you participate in. If you only want to play side events, you do not need to pay for the Grand Prix Main Event.

How can I register for the Main Event?

You can register online on or on site during registration hours. 

Can I register on Saturday morning?

No, registration on Saturday morning is no longer possible.

How can I check if my online registration is confirmed?

If you received the confirmation email from Tournamentcenter, than your registration was successful. If you did not receive an email, please contact us at  Additionally a list will be published on Friday afternoon with all players registered online and the byes they have. This will be available onsite (not online)

Do I need to pass registration on site if I registered online?

No, if you registered online, your name will automatically appear on the pairing boards for the player meeting. You do not need to pass registration on site.

What is a sleep-in registration?

A sleep-in registration allows players with byes to skip the player meeting and to come to the tournament at a later time. More info can be found on the GP Info page. 

When will I get my goodiebox?

The goodiebox for common registrations will distributed by judges during the players meeting. If you bought an Uncommon package you can pick up your goodies at the Info Point on Saturday from 10 am. If you have a Mythic package you will get your goodie bag at the VIP lounge when signing in at the lounge.

I registered but can not attend, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately,  as stated in our terms and conditions we do not offer refunds. If you have questions about this, feel free to send us an e-mail (

FAQ - Grand Prix

I have never been to a Grand Prix before, what can I expect?

Please have a look at this introduction video

Where can I find a decklist form?

Decklists can be found in the venue. You can fill these in at your arrival.

What is the consent form, and why do I need to fill it in?

Players must fill in a consent form to compete at any Grand Prix. By signing this document you agree to adhere to all conditions and requirements for entry and participation in the Grand Prix.   Forms can be downloaded here.

When and where do I need to go to start playing in the Main Event?

The Main Event starts on Saturday morning at 09:00. The head judge will make an announcement and will ask everyone to have a look at the pairing boards. Next to your name, you’ll find a table number where you are requested to take a seat. If you have any questions at your arrival, you can go to the Info Point  near the entrance of the hall, where you can get more information.

I have byes. Can I skip the player meeting at 09:00?

If you have byes, you can only skip the player meeting by purchasing an Uncommon or Mythic package. Details can be found on on the GP Info page. 

I have an Uncommon or Mythic package, when does my tournament starts?

  • 0 byes: 9:00 am
  • 1 bye: 10:15 am
  • 2 byes: 11:30 am
  • 3 byes: 12:45 am

Your name will appear in the pairings at the start of your round, you don’t to sign in anywhere if you registered online.

I have an Uncommon or Mythic package, how do I hand in my decklist?

Online: Mail us your list at


  • Uncommon package: Hand in your decklist at the Info Point
  • Mythic package: Hand in your decklist at the VIP lounge

Note: All decklist must reach us before 9:00 am on Saturday, if not you might get a penalty in the Main Event.

When does Day 2 start?

09h00, doors open at 08h30t

FAQ - Trading

Am I allowed to trade, sell or advertise in the venue?

Although trading is both allowed and encouraged, please note that the following things are not permitted at this event:

  • Buying/selling cards with anyone except for our authorized dealers.
  • Advertising without receiving permission from the on-site Event Manager.
  • Offering to alter cards in exchange for some form of compensation.
  • Utilizing an excessive amount of space when trading.
  • Using suitcases, handcarts, luggage carts, etc. for the purpose of transporting excessive amounts of trade stock.
  • Using the official #GP hashtag in order to facilitate breaking any of the rules listed above.
  • Use of playmats that display prices (more commonly known as buy mats) and/or price tags/stickers.

Please note that failure to obey these rules may result in all involved parties being removed from the event without refund and banned from attending future events.

FAQ - Lost & Found

What do I need to do if I lost something?

If you lost something at the event, please go to the Info Point near the main entrance, and inform the event staff. There is a lost & found box, where your goods might be. If not, you’ll be asked to fill in a document so we can identify your goods once handed in.

What do I do when I find some lost property?

If you find something that does not belong to you (deckbox, backpack, mobile phone, wallet, ID, …) please bring it to the Info Point. We’ll give it back to the owner.

FAQ - Prize Pay-out

I’ve won a prize in the Main Event! Where can I collect it?

Prize pay-out is handled by Wizards of the Coast directly. In case you win a prize in the Main Event, you need to fill in a few documents (bank details, ... ) on site. 

How can I collect my Side Events prizes?

First you need to collect your Stars, these will be available at the Prize Station at the Side Events Stage (where you registered for your Side Event).

Then, you can exchange your Stars for prizes at our Prize Wall. The Prize Wall works like a shop where you can buy items for a certain amount of Stars. Typically a booster of the current set is worth 10 Star, we also have boxed product (From the Vault, Archenemy …), single cards and MTG Goodies available. For all Tournamentcenter GP’s in 2016 Ultimate Guard accessories will also be available!


Mark Tedin


You can find all Mark's cards here

Tomasz Jedruszek

You can find all Thomas' cards here

Opening Hours Artist Village:


01:00 pm - 05:00 pm
05:00 pm - 06:00 pm (VIP only signing)


10:00 am - 05:00 pm
05:00 pm - 06:00 pm (VIP only signing)


10:00 am - 05:00 pm
05:00 pm - 06:00 pm (VIP only signing)


Here is the Official playmat for GP Prague 2016 


We are very proud to announce the following cosplayer:

Roman Pivec


These amazing shops will attend GP prague.



04:00 pm: Meet & Greet with cosplayers
05:00 pm: Q&A with Team Legacy Edition!
06:00 pm: Start Bounty Event (Registration at Side Events Stage)
07:00 pm: Rich Hagon's Gameshow


Live Coverage of GP Prague
04:00 pm: Meet & Greet with cosplayers

Prize Wall

Venue Catering

Venue Catering:

6 stands open on Friday, and all 7 on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Restaurant in the entrance hall
  • Café
  • stand with gyros
  • Asian stand
  • stand with fried specialties
  • stand with coffee
  • stand with sausages (only Sat&Sun)

Opening Hours:

  • Friday: 10:00 am - 09:00 pm
  • Saturday: 08:30 am - 11:00 pm (some stands will close earlier)
  • Sunday: 08:30 am - 08:00 pm

Paiment option:

  • Cash: Euro and CZK, conversion rate used: €1=25CZK
  • NO cards

Sample Menu (much more options available on site, all prices availbale to change)


  • Coca cola (0,5 PET) 35 CZK -€1,40
  • Coca cola Zero (0,5 PET) 35 CZK - €1,40
  • Vittel (0,5 PET) 35 CZK - €1,40
  • Red Bull 50 CZK
  • Espresso 35 CZK - €1,40


  • Chicken Soup 35 CZK - €1,40
  • Soup of the day 35 CZK -€1,40
  • Spaghetti Bolognese 95 CZK - €3,80
  • Homemade meatloaf with mashed potatoes 95 CZK - €3,80
  • Bavaraian sausage + bread 60 CZK - €2,40
  • Chicken red curry wok 75 CZK - €3,00
  • Chicken Nuggets 75 CZK - €3,00
  • Frenhc fries 30 CZK - €1,20
  • Mixed salad with goat cheese and cranberries 135 CZK - €5,40
  • Greek Salad 85 CZK  - €3,40
  • Tiramisu 55 CZK - €2,20
  • Panna Cotta with Raspberries 55 CZK - €2,20


Travel Guide by Milan Majercik

The Essentials

General Information

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic, a country in central Europe that is a member of the European Union. There are about 1,2 million residents in the city.

Prague has always been an important settlement, acting as a crossroads in the center of Europe. With its long history of over 1000 years, it is a favorite tourist destination nowadays. The city’s history can be felt everywhere. However, the city is not a dead museum, it pulses with life.

Regional Coordinator

Sebastian Pekala:

Local contact

Milan Majercik

+420 603 412 365

The venue

PVA Expo Praha

Beranových 667


Czech Republic

The venue is different from the previous Grand Prix Prague. The event is moving to a big expo park on the outskirts of Prague.

Currency & means of payment

The local currency is the Czech Crown (CZK). Normal exchange rates are around:

1 USD = 25 CZK, 1 EUR = 27 CZK, 1 GBP = 35 CZK.

The number of shops and services that accept a foreign currency is limited, so you will most likely need to obtain a certain amount of Crowns, either in an exchange office or at an ATM. Most corporate establishments (McDonalds, Starbucks, gas stations etc.) will accept Euro. However, you risk getting change back in CZK. On the other hand, many shops accept credit/debit cards. VISA and MasterCard are the most used ones. You may have a hard time with AmEx.

Please note that tips are generally not included in a receipt. In restaurant services, it is common to add up to 10% extra, if you are satisfied with the service.


The so-called ‘French’ model of wall sockets is used in the Czech Republic. Do not forget your multipurpose traveler’s adaptor at home! The voltage in the Czech power grid is by norm 230V at 50Hz.

Simple dictionary

Prague = Praha

Good morning/afternoon = dobrý den (do-bree den)

Hello = ahoj (ahoy)

Subway = metro

One beer = jedno pivo (yed-no pivo)

One more beer = ještě jedno pivo (yesh-tye yed-no pivo)

Czech (and European) emergency number: 112

Travel Advice


Prague has one airport - Václav Havel Airport (PRG), which is relatively small with only two heavily used terminals. Navigation should be quite simple within the airport, from the plane to baggage claim to a bus or taxi. To continue your journey downtown, you can either take a taxi or a bus. There are several bus lines available that will bring you to a metro (underground) station. Taxi stands and bus stops are directly in front of terminal buildings. Just walk out and you will see them.


Several credible taxi services are available, including:

• AAA Taxi

• CityTaxi

A ride from the Airport to the venue or the staff hotel costs approximately 550 CZK. We suggest having the addresses printed out and asking the driver about the price in advance. There are always some dishonorable ‘pirate’ drivers around.


Depending on the hour of the day the following buses are available (from ~05:00 to ~24:00):

• Airport Express (AE) – a bus line that specifically serves a traveler’s need to get quickly to the city center. It stops at the subway station Hlavní Nádraží (C line). Note that the bus goes further, so pay attention. This line uses a special fare (60 CZK) and the tickets are sold by the bus driver.

• Take the 119 bus to Nadraží Veleslavín (final stop). Take the metro A line from there to Muzeum station (4th to 7th stop). At Muzeum, transfer over to C line and ride to Letnany (final stop).

By train

Prague’s main train station lies in Prague center. It is very easy to get around the city from here as there is a subway station built directly in the railway station. The subway station is named Hlavní Nádraží.

To get to the venue, take the metro line C to Letnany (final stop), from there it is just a small walk. It takes about 20 minutes to get from the main train station to the venue.

By car

Do not leave your home without a sat-nav or you will not stand a chance in the Prague traffic chaos. The good thing is that the venue is on Prague periphery and right next to the city motorway ring, so it should be easier to drive to it.

Make sure you buy a toll sticker (at a gas station) if you want to use a highway, and stick it onto your front screen. A 10-day sticker costs 310 CZK. Otherwise you risk a huge fine if caught by police.

Generally, finding a spot to park your car is nearly impossible in the city center. Check the roadsides for a blue line, wherever there is one, only residents can park.

There is a parking lot adjacent to the Grand Prix venue with a fee of 150 CZK per day.

Public Transportation System

A wide and swift public transport system is available in Prague. There are three lines of metro (A, B, C) which are supported by a network of tramway (2-digit numbers) and bus lines (3-digit numbers). Most lines stop operation around midnight. There is a special net of night buses and trams operating at nights (their numbers start with 5).

The following websites may be useful when planning your route and for other info:


The tickets for the public transport can be obtained in ticketing machines. The machines can be found at all subway stations and some other stops. The machines only accept coins. Other options for buying tickets are newsstand shops and Public Transport Infocenters (

There are several ticketing options:

• 30 minutes - 24 CZK

• 90 minutes - 32 CZK

• 24 hours - 110 CZK

• 72 hours - 310 CZK

The time limit starts counting from the moment when you mark the ticket in a validating machine. Validators are located in metro entrances and in each tram and bus. The ticket must be validated before the ride. Once validated, it is valid for the paid time and it applies for all means of transport (metro, tram, bus, funicular, ferry).

It is possible to encounter a ticket inspector, especially in metro, so do ride with a valid ticket to prevent any unpleasant moments. The penalty is 800 CZK at minimum.

Travelling to the Venue

The subway station closest to the venue is Letnany of the C line. There is also a bus stop directly in front of the venue. The name of the bus stop is Výstavište Letnany and busses that stop there are 110, 140, 158, 195, 201, 269, 295 (and night lines 511, 513).

There are many possibilities how to get to the site. You should try to get to metro and then ride to Letnany station - the final stop of the C line.


We suggest using your favorite booking website as usual (,

There is just a basic sample below.

Staff hotel

Hotel Duo

Teplická 492/19

190 00 Praha

The staff hotel is 3km from the venue. The hotel is close to metro station Strížkov. To get to the Grand Prix venue, you can either ride metro C line (from station Strížkov to Letnany) followed by a short walk, or you can go by bus 201 from stop Teplická, which is also close to the hotel, to Výstavište Letnany.

Comfy options

Hotel Ivka

Nad Klícovem 81/1


Blue Orange Resort

Tupolevova 676


Hotel Marie-Luisa

Krnská 350/26


Low-cost options

Hotel Dobrá Ubytovna

Bubenská 43

Prague 7 (in Czech only)

Sir Toby’s Hostel

Delnická 1155/24

Prague 7

Hostel Argentinská 15

Argentinská 1097/15

Prague 7

Hotel Leon

Ortenovo námestí 1026/26

Prague 7

Places to Visit

Tourist Hotspots

The city of Prague has always been one of the most beautiful cities in the world, ranked next to giants such as Paris and Rome. The capital of the Czech Republic has had the benefit of avoiding large scale violent political conflict and thus has allowed its ancient architecture to mature very gracefully. Built between the 11th and 18th century, the historic center of Prague is part of the world heritage UNESCO sites and has several key areas to visit.

The Old Town Square

One of the most iconic places to visit in Prague, is a large place of gathering where you will always see people. It houses Prague’s astronomical clock, a working mechanical contraption dating back over 600 years, a relic of this country’s history. In the center is Prague’s meridian by which Prague time was measured before standardization.

Charles Bridge

Founded in 1357 under the orders of King Charles IV in order to replace the badly damaged Judith Bridge built in 1158. Until 1841 this has been the only means in crossing the Vltava River, making it an important point in trade routes between eastern and western Europe. Today, this gothic stone bridge is for pedestrian use only. With a guard tower at each end of the bridge, this strategic choke point in the city’s defense is a living masterpiece as the bridge is littered by baroque statues. From here you have a fantastic view of both castles, city walls and their surrounding areas.

Prague Castle

The world record holder for the largest ancient castle in the world, this 70000 square meter structure (or 18 acres) dates it’s oldest walls to the year 870. This colossal structure was the seat of power for Bohemian kings, Roman emperors and today Czech presidents. This castle can not only be found on 50 CZK coins but also in the center of the city along the river bend leading up from Charles Bridge.


The location of the other castle in Prague and rumored to be the location of the first settlements which later would become the city of Prague. The castle isn’t around anymore, but the basilica still remains as well as fortifications and Prague’s oldest standing building.

Wallenstein Riding School

At the occasion of celebrating the 700th anniversary of birth of emperor Charles IV, many special events will be held through the year. One of the most interesting ones could be an exposition in Wallenstein Riding School showing many historical artifacts (

Less-Known Sightseeing


A fairly large park located right next to the venue. This place is an ideal location for the sporting type if you like to go for a jog with several kilometers of various paths crossing each other allowing you to make a fully customized trip. Of course, you could just go and visit this old hunting ground, once used by the ruling families of the area. Their hunting lodge is still located at the south west corner of the park right on top of the hill, feel free to check it out.


Divoká Šárka

A rocky valley named after a legendary female warrior from Slavic tales, or simply a geological wonder. This area was used as a hunting ground for as long as people have inhabited these regions due to its ambush locations within. Located at the final stop of the 26 tram, a 5 min walk from the tram stop completely separates you from any city noises as you walk past cliffs and streams which fill the area. Also located there is a large water basin with beaches (including clothing optional ones). A sheep herd sometimes grazes there.

Petrín orchards

For the romantics or if you just want a panoramic view of Prague’s city center this is the place to go. A hillside with paths going around various elevations starts at Prague castle with orchards and follows through with a wooded area spanning an area of 500x700m. On top of the hill is also a structure which everyone calls a mini Eiffel Tower which gives you an even better view of the city. You can ride the funicular up the Petøín hill, visit the Petøín lookout tower and then go down through these soothing gardens in the center of the city.


Zoo and Botanical Garden

The Prague Zoo is considered the World’s 4th best Zoo. Good thing is that it is not too far away from the staff hotel. Just get yourself to Nádraží Holešovice metro station, take bus 112 and ride to the final stop. Close to the Zoo is also Prague’s Botanical Garden.

Kutná Hora

The home of another UNESCO site. This place holds several churches with varying styles and the possibly famous Sedlec Ossuary. This last chapel has been on the grounds of an overused graveyard where the bones of the deceased have been exhumed in order to make room for fresher bodies. Not knowing what to do with some 40000-70000 skeletons, the decision was made to decorate the chapel with the remains of the deceased.

Food and Drinks


Generally, the Czech cuisine is not known for being the healthiest and light one. It is full of meat (beef, pork), cream sauces and dumplings.

If you want to taste some classic Czech dishes, try these:

Svícková na smetane: marinated sirloin with creamy spiced sauce and dumplings.

Guláš: pork or beef stewed together with onions and various spices and dumplings.

Vepro-knedlo-zelo: roasted pork with dumplings and stewed cabbage.

Luckily, if you do not feel like troubling your stomach with this heavy load, it is usually not difficult to find some lighter dishes for your menu. Pasta and various sorts of fish are the most common ones.


The Czech Republic is well known for its beers, especially lagers. Apart from the big mass product breweries, there are also many small ones. If you prefer other ways to get “cheerful” you may also try Moravian vines or traditional Carlsbad Becher liqueur.


Cool Places

Restaurants in the city’s center are generally overpriced, meant to make a normal tourist go bankrupt. Still, if you feel like eating on the weekend (recommended), you can find some decent places, for example the Potrefená husa restaurant chain (


Located 200m from the Nádraží Holešovice station, there is this very detailed steampunk themed electronic music playing club. With an outside patio, several floors inside and constantly something to look at, this place is a must-see.

Hard Rock Café Prague

Don’t feel like local cuisine? There’s always the Hard Rock Café! Good burgers or other sandwiches like the Pulled Pork are a staple here. Plus you get the American style service with a smile!

Dùm U Rotta

Malé námestí 3


Cafe Imperial

For a special lunch, we particularly recommend the Chef's special braised veal cheeks.

Na Porící 15

Local Game Stores



Ondríckova 2166/14

Prague 3


Cerný Rytír

Za Porícskou branou 21

Prague 8


Temný Strelec
Donovalská 1661
Prague 4


Arbesovo námestí 14

150 00 Prague 5

Drací Jeskyne
Krivoklátská 285
Prague 9
(close to the GP venue)

Mecislavova 11
Prague 4