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This is not goodbye

As most of you have read in WOTC's announcement, Play-MTG will not be organizing Grand Prix in 2018. Even though we are sad we will not be running these amazing events in 2018 anymore, we are very proud of the contributions we did to the growth and the success of these tournaments for almost 10 years. That is why we would like to thank WOTC for the opportunities they gave us and for the support we could count on while organizing GP's.

Actually, we would like to thank all the parties involved in making our events happen. Everything starts with you, the players. Without your support and feedback we would never have been able to improve our events and bring them to the standard we have reached today now. Thank you for the trust you put in our company.

Talking about players leads us to the judges. We never could have run any events without this group of hard working and dedicated people. Judges are a pillar in the Magic community, always thriving to produce great experiences for players at events. Thank you for all your efforts :-)

While judges are very visible at Grand Prix, crew and staff members mostly work behind the scenes. Whether it's setting up tables, brainstorming over a new side events schedule or helping players at the info point, the work that has been delivered has always been invaluable. It's truly an honor to be working with such talented and professional people. Thank you for all your help.

Not to be forgotten are the many artists, cosplayers and performers that often travel many miles and sometimes even crossed continents and oceans to entertain you at our events. Thank you for bringing your art to our shows and making so many of your fans happy.

And last, but certainly not least, we want to thank the many partners we have. Thank you to all vendors, sponsors and suppliers for the expertise and support you gave us during the organization and preparation of our events. 

Although you might think this article is about saying goodbye, it is not, far from it actually. First of all, we are still organizing 4 GP's (Grand Prix Barcelona this very weekend) this year and we will make sure to make them count. We also continue running many succesful events for Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! while providing many services for other organizers of tournaments. This all means we are very confident we will see each other very soon at one of our next events :-)

See you very soon,

Wouter Maenhout
Managing Partner


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