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GP Prague Side Events: Update

Dear Magic Players,

In case you are not aware of the fire earlier today, please read our previous announcement here. As communicated, the Main Event will start as previously announced.

We have some information concerning side events and refunds. Due to the change of hall we had to rework our Side Event schedule. We will start the registration for on demand events on Saturday at 12:00. Scheduled event registration will start at 12:00, the first event will be Enter the Arena Sealed at 13:00. That means the 3 first ETA events (Modern 1, Legacy 1 and Standard 1) on Saturday are cancelled. The other events will be held as previously announced (no changes on Sunday).

If you paid for an event, we have the following refund procedure:

  • You paid for a GP Trial, you can choose:

    • to get your event reimbursed (€25/CZK 700) or
    • to get an event voucher for a side event for GP Prague of €32/ CZK 900 or
    • to receive 120 Play Points (redeemable at the Prize Wall for, e.g. 12 boosters)
  • You paid for an event that didn't start, you can get:

    • your event refunded
  • You paid for an Enter the Arena Badge, you can get:

    • your badge refunded

All refunds will handled at the Info Point.

Since we are changing our ETA events, we are creating a new type of badge: the ETA 2 day badge.
For €50 you will be able to play all remaining ETA events on Saturday and Sunday (17 events are still scheduled, the overview is here. Additionally you get a GP promo and a deckbox!

We will also have our 1 day badge available. The price for Saturday (7 events) is now €30 (previously €40), the price for Sunday remains unchanged, and is €40)

We're looking forward to see you playing Magic this weekend at GP Prague :-)

Michaël Milis
Community Manager

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