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Grand Prix Barcelona

15/04/16 to 17/04/16
past tournament

This event has passed.Check out our active events

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Event info
Fira Barcelona (Century Hall)
c/Mallorca, 528, 4o 2a
08026 Barcelona

Fira Barcelona (Century Hall)

Venue Map: 
General Information: 


Hall opens at 10 am and closes at 10 pm.
Hall opens  at 8:30 am and closes at 11 pm.
Hall opens at 8:30 and closes at 8 pm.
Extra information
Extra information: 

Artist Schedule


12pm - 5 pm: All players

5 pm - 6 pm: VIP Only


10 am - 5 pm: All players (1 hour lunch - tbc)

5 pm - 6 pm: VIP Only


10 am - 5 pm: All players (1 hour lunch - tbc)

5 pm - 6 pm: VIP Only

Johannes Voss

Johannes Voss is a professional freelance illustrator and digital painter from Leipzig, Germany. Meet him and let him sign the Stoneforge Mystic GP promo or cards like Restoration Angel or Blood Artist!

Slawomir Maniak

Don't miss out Slawomir Maniak at GP Barcelona where he will be happy to sign cards among Sphinx' s Revelation, Agur of Bolas and Diregraf Ghoul.

Deckbuildding procedure for Uncommon, Rare and Mythic Package

When you arrive at the venue, the deck construction area is to the right in front of you when you enter the Venue, behind the VIP Area - look for the blue banner. The area is separated by barriers from the rest of the venue, so that you will have peace while you build. On arriving, please talk to the judge at the entrance, who will provide you with your deck, in English or Spanish, as required.
Uncommon Tier members, you will be given 6 boosters and a decklist to register. A neighboring player or judge will verify the boosters as you open them, as normal. You will then receive 20 minutes to register the deck.
Rare and Mythic Tier members, you will be given a pre-registered pool. 
Once you have your registered pool, you'll get another 30 minutes to build a deck from that pool.  As with any deck construction, we'd ask that you build in silence and without consulting others. Basic lands will be available on your table. When you're done, a judge will collect your list, and you may leave the area.
Please report to the deck construction area following next schedule:
                  Uncommon                         Rare/Mythic
1 bye:            10:20                                     10:40
2 byes:          11:35                                      11:55
3 byes:          12:50                                      13:05

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