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CANCELLED - Charlotte Regional Championships 2020

21/03/20 to 22/03/20

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Event info
Charlotte Convention Center
501 South College Street
28202 Charlotte
United States

Charlotte Convention Center

General Information: 


Main event tickets are now available through the RK9 website!

Register here:

Event schedule:

The hall will be open

- Saturday: 8 AM - 10 PM
- Sunday: 8:30 AM - 8 PM

General Event Schedule

TCG and VG Masters will play all Day 1 swiss rounds on Saturday.
All day 2 swiss rounds (if any) and top cut rounds are played on Sunday.

TCG and VG Juniors will play 7 rounds total on Saturday (combined Swiss and top cut rounds), with the remainder on Sunday.

TCG and VG Seniors will play 8 rounds total on Saturday (combined Swiss and top cut rounds), with the remainder on Sunday.


I have never played in a Pokémon tournament, where do I start?

The first step in participating in a Play! Pokémon event such as a Pokémon Regional Championship is to set up a Pokémon Trainer Club account, which allows you to attend and earn Championship Points and Play! Points.

Once logged in, the next step is to create a Pokémon Player ID, which is used to track your progress, rewards and achievements in Play! Pokémon events. To do this:

  1. Using the user menu on the left of the page, navigate to the “Play! Pokémon Settings” page by clicking the red and black Play! Pokémon symbol.
  2. Ensure your Screen Name, First Name & Last Name are filled in and correct.
  3. Under “Play! Pokémon Account”, tick the “Please assign me a new Player ID number” box, read and accept the Terms of Use, and click the Submit button.
  4. Your Player ID will then be displayed under your Screen Name. Click the “Yes! I want to participate in all available Play! Pokémon Programs” box, and fill in all information, including contact name, address and phone number. Next, choose your preferred product (Trading Card Game or Video Game) and click the Submit button.
  5. Congratulations! You are ready to register to play in Play! Pokémon Events.


What is a Player ID? 

Each player is assigned a Play! Pokémon Identification Number (Player ID) that is used to track that player's tournament play. Players must have this number with them whenever they attend a Play! Pokémon event. You can get a Player ID online if you already have a Pokémon Trainer Club account.


I don't have a Player ID, how can I get one?

If you don’t yet have a Player ID, you can get yours here.


What do I need to bring with me to play in the tournament?

All players:

  1. Photo ID
  2. Player ID

VG players:

  1. A fully charged and up-to-date Nintendo Switch console
  2. A fully up-to-date copy of the tournament-legal game
  3. A team of tournament-legal Pokémon
  4. Players are strongly encouraged to bring a charger for their systems, as tournament staff will not have chargers available for loan. Charging stations will be made available to use your own charger.
  5. VG players will have to have their consoles checked, this will happen between 8 AM and 8:30 AM at the venue! 

TCG players:

  1. TCG players need to submit their decklists through the online RK9 tool! This will double as your event check-in.
  2. Your tournament-legal expanded deck identical to the registered decklist.


What is the format for the TCG Championship? 

The tournament will be run using the Expanded format. You can learn more about the Expanded format here.


Where is Lost and Found?

The Lost & Found service will be located at the prize wall & info point. If you lose something at the event, please go to the prize wall near the main entrance, and inform the event staff. If your lost item has not yet been found, you will be asked to complete a form so that we can identify your goods once handed in.


Is outside food allowed in the venue? 

Small snacks are allowed inside, big meals or take-out will not be allowed inside the venue.

Water or other drinks can be brought into the venue in a re-usable bottle or a plastic bottle. No glass bottles will be allowed inside the venue. Alcohol is strictly forbidden during our events.


Where is the closest ATM/Cash Machine? 

To be confirmed, please check back later.


Where can I find a decklist form?

TCG players in the main event need to submit their decklists through the online RK9 tool! This will double as your event check-in.

Decklists can be found in the venue. You can fill in a decklist when you arrive, or download one to complete in advance here.

Team List can be found in the venue or can be downloaded here to complete in advance here.


I registered but cannot attend. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, as stated in our terms and conditions, we do not offer refunds.


I registered but cannot attend. Can I transfer my ticket to a friend?

We will not allow the transfer of a ticket to another player.


Am I allowed to trade, sell or advertise in the venue?

Although trading is both allowed and encouraged, please note that the following things are not permitted at this event:

  1. Buying/selling cards with anyone except for our authorized dealers
  2. Advertising without receiving permission from the on-site event manager
  3. Offering to alter cards in exchange for some form of compensation
  4. Utilizing an excessive amount of space.


I forgot my Player ID. Where can I find it?

If you have already received a Player ID through your Pokémon Trainer Club account, or have linked an ID that you received at a previous event to your account, you can log in to and look up your Player ID on your personal profile.


I'm under 14 years old, can I participate at the event?

Yes, we certainly allow players under the age of 14 to participate in the event. Note that venue regulation stipulates that if you're 14 years or younger, you should be accompanied by a legal guardian whilst in the venue.


I wish to attend the event but not play the tournament. Do I need to purchase a ticket?

No, our events are free for all to access. You do not need to purchase a ticket, or register online, to enter the hall during the weekend. Only if you wish to play in any of the tournaments, you need to register online or on site.


I did not use my prize points during the event, can I keep them for a later show?

Prize points are only valid during the weekend in which you played the event. Don’t forget to stop by the prize wall on your way out and redeem all your tickets for boosters or amazing goodies!


I registered for the event, but will not be able to make it. Can I still get my main event registration goodies?

Please email us at before the start of the event that you will not be able to make it. If you have a friend attending the event, you can give us their name and Pokémon ID number. This way they can come and collect your main event goodies at the prize wall for you.

We do not ship main event goodies to players who do not attend the event.


Will there be a bag search before entering the hall?

Venue security might require a bag search before entering the hall. They will look for any prohibited items such as weapons, drugs or alcohol. Anything that can not pass airline security (except for a beverage) can be confiscated. 


I want to work at your event. Who do I contact?

If you are not part of the Pokémon Professor Program, you find more information here. Once you are part of the program, you will have access to the official staff calls. 


I have registered on your website, but did not receive a ticket for the event. What do I do now?

After the registration on our website, you should have received a confirmation email with an order number. This means that your registration for the event was successful. Your name has been added to the tournament file. You do not need a ticket to enter the event, you only have to check-in on Saturday morning between 8AM and 9AM for you to be included in the first pairings. It is recommended to have your confirmation email with order number with you at the event.


The website says that the event is sold out. Can I still get a ticket?

Unfortunately, if the website says that the tickets are sold out, we will not be able to sell more tickets for this event. It is recommended to purchase your ticket as early as possible. We post regular updates about the ticket sales on our social media, to make sure everyone has equal chances of purchasing a ticket.


Do you have a maximum amount of tickets per game or division?

No, we at Play-The-Championships work with a general pool of tickets. This means that all ticket categories (TCG or VG, Junior, Senior or Master) have equal chances of being purchased. We make sure that there are tickets available for all categories until the final tickets have been sold. 

Event organizer